AAHID Changes Credential Name to CHID
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  • November 20, 2014

At AAHID’s annual meeting and breakfast at the 2014 Healthcare Design conference, we unveiled an exciting change to the credential from AAHID to CHID (Certified Healthcare Interior Designer). This change strategically aligns with the new marketing awareness campaign and is another sign of AAHID’s commitment toward building for the future.

Why the change?

  • The appellation, Certified Healthcare Interior Designer (CHID), aligns with best practices in the certification world
  • CHID shows off who you are. You have worked and studied hard and earned your credential and you have the privilege to say you are Certified.

What about AAHID?

  • The American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID) is still the organization that administers the CHID credential
  • AAHID develops and administers the certification exam
  • AAHID develops the recertification program that assures continued competency

What about my certificate I have framed at work?

  • New certificates will be mailed to all certificants after the first of the year for you to display with pride

Ok this makes sense, now what?

  • If you need to update your mailing address or would like a different name than on your original certificate please email us
  • AAHID is asking that you make the change to your e-signatures, LinkedIn, resumes etc. by the first of the year
  • Watch for reminder notices detailing the change and how it will be incorporated into the recertification process starting in 2015
  • AAHID will be telling the rest of the industry about this change and we’d like you to help by announcing it on your website, blogs, presentations, etc.