AAHID Supports Durable Coated Fabrics Task Group
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  • June 15, 2020

AAHID Supports Durable Coated Fabrics Task Group

The members of the Durable Coated Fabrics (DCF) Task Group are pleased to announce AAHID’s support of our collaborative efforts to provide resources to healthcare interior designers that assist with durable coated fabric selections based upon appropriate application, research, minimum performance standards and relevant test methods. The goal is for the resources developed to be posted on-line for use by healthcare specifiers and designers and to be used as part of a deep-dive session scheduled at the Healthcare Design Conference in November 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The DCF Task Group includes healthcare interior designers and environmental services professionals from some of the largest healthcare systems in the U.S. along with healthcare design firms, cleaning and disinfectant product manufacturers and distributors, coated fabrics manufacturers and distributors, healthcare furniture manufacturers, and product trade associations.

AAHID has agreed to disseminate resource information, including white papers and presentations from the DCF Task Group by posting on the AAHID website and in relevant correspondence to AAHID’s Certified Healthcare Interior Designers® (CHID). Stay tuned as more information and resources continue to be posted on the DCF website, on LinkedIn, Facebook, and through other social media platforms. For more information on the Durable Coated Fabrics Task Group, please go to www.durablecoatedfabrics.com.

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