Promotion Kit

AAHID’s number one priority is to grow the number of Certified Healthcare Interior Designers (CHIDs). AAHID can only do this if we actively promote awareness of the CHID credential and the benefits for the interior design profession and the industry at large. And this is where we need your help!

Who would be better than you to help spread the word about AAHID and CHID. You understand the importance and value attached to the CHID. As an active professional in the healthcare interior design industry you are connected with other interior designers when attending conferences, participating in organizational activities, and collaborating on projects. We need you to be our ambassador.

To get the word out, we’ve created a Promotion Kit which includes a variety of tools to help you begin the conversation with your contacts and colleagues.

Should you have questions, please contact: We thank you for your support and lending your voice to our mission of growing the CHID certification program.