AAHID Volunteers 1 AAHID is looking for qualified leaders who are passionate about the field of healthcare interior design and its dynamic environment. Serving on the Board of Directors of AAHID is a unique opportunity to advance the practice of Healthcare Interior Design. The leadership of AAHID is committed to fostering a positive change for the association while creating the best environments for healing and healthcare delivery.

The AAHID Nominating Committee is looking for candidates who represent the foundation of AAHID Leadership: Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Collaboration, Communication Skills, Commitment and Dependability. If you have a desire to contribute to your association’s ongoing development and embody these characteristics, apply to become a leader for the Board of Directors. Board applications are due September 1.

In addition, our success depends on the work of passionate CHIDs who are willing to participate in various activities:

  • Recruit exam candidates
  • Write articles
  • Post on LinkedIn
  • Review candidate applications
  • Evaluate and write exam questions
  • Lead training and education presentations
  • Participate in focus groups with industry partners
  • Represent AAHID at industry shows
  • Secure industry partner support

If you’re interested in becoming more involved with AAHID, please contact us.