I am NCIDQ certified and have practiced interior design for 10 years, but have only worked in healthcare design for the last 1-1/2 years. Am I qualified to apply for the CHID exam? 

Candidates must have at least 3 years of healthcare interior design project experience, with the NCIDQ/NCARB certificate, to qualify to apply for the exam, regardless of how many years they have practiced interior design professionally.

I work as an in-house NCIDQ certified interior designer for a hospital, so my role is managing the team of consultants on large and small projects. Do I qualify? How do I submit projects?

You may submit projects that are completed by other firms if you are implicitly clear on your role as project manager or in-house interiors with an outside architectural firm, what you did on the project, and have letters of recommendation from the outside firm and clinical leader on the project that show that your role was on the project to enhance the design of the project to support safety, health, and welfare of the users of the facility.

I only have 4 projects photographed, and one project was a master plan for interior finishes and furniture. Can I submit the master plan work as one of my projects even though they have not implemented it yet on a project?

You may submit one master plan type project that does not include built work – but the technical work related to performance, life-cycle costs, and design application must be represented clearly, and you need to provide a letter of recommendation from the client related to this work. It is preferable to have at least one example of implementation of the master plan work, no matter how small the area.

I don’t have access to professional photography for my residential senior care work. May I use my own camera and submit those photos?

We do not require professional photography. We encourage out of hand photos for the best images of the application of the design and impact to the users and residents, not just glamour shots. Your drawings will also enhance the project documentation, so providing examples of plans, elevations, and any special key details that support your healthcare design solution is important in your submission.