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“Interior architecture represents much more than aesthetics. It represents how a space can make one feel and how one interacts in the spaces where they may work, live, play, and rest.” I believe in creating original design concepts with a special focus on client needs and direction.

Current on the latest advances and trends in healthcare, I work through the details while honoring the perspective of the big picture design for each project. Embracing challenges at each step in the process, I thrive on understanding and overcoming the nuances of a problem and working with clients to elevate the interior and exterior design experience based on an unified concept.

Longtime clients repeatedly return for advice on new projects to evolving interior standards, confident I will deliver “comfortable interiors people can relate to while respecting the environment, budget and schedules.” Working across the Mid-Atlantic, I enjoy diving into large scale replacement hospitals as well as medical office buildings and renovations.

Awards and Recognition:

  • 2014 AIA/AAH National Healthcare Design Award in the Unbuilt category for Children’s Hospital of Richmond Pavilion project – Virginia Commonwealth University Health System (HKS)
  • 2011 ASID/IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award Winner (First Place Healthcare and the top honor Brightest Idea Award) – Virginia Commonwealth University Pediatric Emergency Department (HKS)
  • 2011 ASID/IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award Winner (First Place Healthcare) – Wake Forest Pediatric Emergency Department (HKS)



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