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Laura Constantin is the Senior Medical Planner for Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Founded in 1898, Roswell Park was the first center in the world to focus exclusively on cancer. Roswell Park set the standard for today’s multidisciplinary approach and highest quality cancer care. In 2019 Roswell Park has been named #14 amongst National Cancer Centers.

Laura Constantin supports the Institute Senior Leadership’s strategic planning efforts with feasibility studies, designs, budgets, and schedules. Laura must recognize and appreciate the roles of all departments and advocate for solutions that balance Institute current needs with long-term goals. Laura fully embraces the complexity of achieving balanced solutions (quality, cost, schedule) amidst competing priorities.

With knowledge of interior design and architecture Laura has a heightened awareness of how the built environment impacts its patients, families, caregivers and staff. First impressions and ease of use are more important than ever in this increasingly competitive and budget driven healthcare market. One must advocate for the highest quality within budget solution in order to maintain a hospitality environment.

Projecting a unified vision and branding for the Institution through design and planning creates a solid foundation and perception of quality that emulates care given with compassion and respect.

Laura also acts as an Institute representative to community service groups to foster their development and growth to make the community strong. Community projects have ranged from renovations that enable community medical screening, computer labs that enable residents to train themselves to enter the business world and long-term stay accommodations for families traveling to seek medical care.


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