Founding Members

Linda Bishop

Elizabeth Brawley

Jane Dailey

Barbara Dellinger

Carol Demlow

Gwen Deney

Susan DiMotta

Linda Gabel

Linda Haggerty

Mary Anne Hammond

Jean Hansen

Debra Harris

Karen Hoffmann

Barbara Huelat

Ardis Hutchins

Andrea Hyde

Angela Keller

Judy Klich

Janet Kobylka

Margo Komplin

Dan Lee

Annette Littleton

Amy Lopez

Maria Lopez

Kevin Lynch

Jain Malkin

Rebecca Marrara

Cynthia Mills

Karen Muraoka

Carol Myers

Linda Nard

Louise Nicholson-Carter

Peggy Noakes

Sonya Odell

Roseann Pisklak

Aimee Platt

Jane Rohde

Laura Schmidt

Renee Schreiner

Margaret Simmons

Debra Slacter

Michele Spackman

Sharon Spruill

Gail Sterling

Franne Neild Stewart

Jocelyn Stroupe

Lynnette Tedder

Lew Vassberg

Laurie Waggener

Jean Young

Fund The Future!

In celebration of AAHID’s 15th anniversary, please donate to the collective AAHID Founders Fund. Contributors will be acknowledged during the Annual Meeting and Reception at Healthcare Design Expo and Conference 2019. Funding will offset the CHID examination and operational costs to further the organization. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!


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