Introducing Mohawk Today
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  • AAHID Admin
  • January 22, 2020

Mohawk Group


We’re excited to introduce two new collections featuring our patented Synthesis PDI technology. Crafted for senior living and hospitality interiors, Mohawk Today gives designers access to an expanded portfolio of cut and loop patterns with tremendous three-dimensional depth and richness.

With a low minimum order of 50 square yards, designers can choose from some of our most popular traditional, contemporary, transitional and textural patterns to incorporate their own stories.

Mohawk Open Narrative

Meet Open Narrative: Many of the world’s greatest stories are those with open narratives that leave the audience captivated and intrigued. The same is true of elements found within the realms of art and design, as these stories guide us on emotional journeys. Mohawk Group’s Open Narrative is based on this same premise. The carpet collection includes a wide variety of patterns and colors that help guide a rich experience for end users by telling stories that create a sense of place.

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Mohawk Yarn Spinner

Introducing Yarn Spinner: Yarn spinning is a process that goes back thousands of years and spans all cultures across the globe. Today these yarns spin a story of the past, providing insight into the lives of our ancestors. Through many generations the craft has stood the test of time, though now disrupted and far removed — having evolved from humble handcrafted beginnings to become more modern industrial and technological marvels.

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