Introducing the Mecho®/5x Manual Shade System
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  • January 18, 2019

Introducing the Mecho®/5x Manual Shade System

Lift larger, heavier shades effortlessly

Long Island City, NY: January 18, 2019 – Mecho, a global leader in commercial window coverings, introduces the Mecho/5x, a revolutionary new design in manual shade lift technology. The Mecho/5x improves upon the patented and commercial shading industry standard, Mecho 5.

The innovative Mecho/5x allows users to lift larger and heavier window shades with minimal effort. The new system can smoothly and effortlessly lift large and multi-banded shades, up to 288” wide and 120” tall.

Mecho/5x improves the design aesthetic of a buildings’ façade by allowing greater lengths of the shading system to be aligned. Mecho/5x controls larger shades or multi-band shades with one control, ensuring they are at a consistent height and multiple chain pulls are eliminated.

Mecho/5x features a re-engineered chain pull which adds a greater angle of pull for increased versatility when there are furnishings, workspaces or other objects in front of a window.

Mecho/5x is the only complete hardware-and-shadecloth system with a twenty-five-year Limited Warranty including 100% replacement and no depreciation over the life of the warranty. When installed with EcoVeil®, EcoVeil Sheer, or AcoustiVeil shadecloth, the Mecho/5x is the only complete window-shading system with Cradle to Cradle BronzeTM certification.

Since 1969, Mecho has been a trusted partner to architects, designers and engineers to help bring their design visions to life. Mecho is consistently at the forefront of revolutionizing window shades and thrives in hard-to-solve design and technical challenges. Mecho embraces projects that call for non-rectangular, sloping, high, wide, difficult-to-access, and other non-standard windows.

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