Journal of Interior Design-Virtual Issue
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  • February 28, 2016

Virtual Issue: Journal of Interior Design
Living Environments to Support the Elderly Demographic

Guest Editor: Katherine S. Ankerson, Kansas State University


This virtual issue of the Journal of Interior Design highlights design of the environment to support the needs of our aging population. Age-related ailments are often characterized by a physical condition, a mental condition, or an acquired or developing disease or ailment; and each affects how the person perceives and uses their environment. Designers integrate information from the body of research knowledge to enhance the design of quality environments for all people, and this issue’s focus on interiors experienced by the elderly recognizes the aging demographic as one that is steadily and rapidly growing. The fourteen articles selected here represent a sampling of those published over the years in the Journal of Interior Design related to the many conditions associated with aging, and result in research findings highlighting the needs associated with single-family homes to retirement facilities, assisted living to nursing home environments, as well as specialized memory care facilities. Design for elderly populations and the environment they spend the most time in—that of their living environment—encompasses many facets.