Learn why SPEC is an enthusiastic AAHID supporter
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  • March 15, 2018

Spec Furniture has been an enthusiastic AAHID supporter since the inception of the Academy.

AAHID offers today’s healthcare facilities the opportunity to work in conjunction with a Certified Healthcare Interior Designer (CHID) and a manufacturer of products designed for healthcare use first. AAHID ensures that CHID accredited designers are kept up to date with the requirements of progressive healthcare providers through ongoing education. AAHID also brings designers together with suppliers to provide insight and direction, creating more relevant and timely products.

Passion, with advanced knowledge and experience always creates a better result. When a healthcare provider works closely with a CHID accredited designer the resulting environment will be superior. The ability of AAHID Members to collaborate with each other and industry partners brings healthcare providers exactly what they need; increased confidence, and better results.