Lonseal Flooring introduces LONSTRAND TOPSEAL
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  • May 31, 2019

Lonseal Flooring’s Lonstrand Topseal Connects with Nature

(Carson, CA – March 2019) US-based Lonseal Inc., a leader in resilient sheet vinyl flooring, took cues from nature when it came to designing their new sheet-vinyl product line, LONSTRAND TOPSEAL.

Lonseal believes in the biophilic way of designing a product. Biophilia is our native tendency to want to connect with nature. The trend in green flooring materials may have had an environmental impact in building design and construction, but Lonseal noticed how this movement wasn’t as strong in connecting us with the natural world as most would like to think. While other manufacturers study the forecast in trendy designs, Lonseal dove into the findings of research scientists who have unlocked secrets of human behavioral patterns. Lonseal also looked at the works of design practitioners who defined the characteristics of nature that influenced us in commercial environments.

Lonstrand was designed to contribute to restorative responses such as reducing stress, improving cognitive function and creativity, improving well-being and healing. The design mimics the bark of a tree, which gives a harmonious relationship with the earth and offers a sense of healing and tranquility. The long, fibrous-like strands can visually expand a space. It also gives a peaceful, harmonious effect when connecting with other architectural details such as floor moldings. Lonstrand has a multiple design purpose. It is subtle enough to provide a smooth transition between rooms and interesting enough to help emphasize a focal point.

Lonstrand is perfect for any commercial environment that needs a sense of outdoors into their interior surroundings. For example, healthcare and assisted living facilities understand that a patient’s environment, their recovery space, is as important as the medicine they take. Another example is in the corporate office setting where our disconnection with nature is found to be a central factor to many work-related issues. Extended time in constructed environments, such as an office cubicle, can wear on a person emotionally. Lonstrand’s design was created to aid in providing a sense of connection with nature in the office, without disrupting the company’s image or culture. Other areas where Lonstrand would be most suitable are in private jets and large luxury yachts.

Why did Lonseal choose the tree as an inspiration for designing Lonstrand? The desire for bringing nature indoors could range from the sounds of the ocean waves, watching the waterfalls from the mountains, to being in a tropical forest. Aside from a tree bark’s healing elements; trees were chosen for this particular design because of its influence. Trees are part of a network system within a forest and designed to interact with their community. It is a way for it to thrive and protect itself while making strong compounds along the way. While still connected, the bark of a tree continuously growing and changing based on the needs of the tree and the influence of its environment.

Lonstrand Topseal comes in 8 colors. The pallet of colors for Lonstrand creates balance. The colors suit environments where individuals need to be comfortable, alert, and productive. There are many colors under the nature category, but these 8 were precisely chosen for the applications they are intended for. The colors are pleasing to the eye and allow a person to focus on interaction, as opposed to being distracted by overly bright hues.

Lonstrand is phthalate free and also features Lonseal’s exclusive Topseal formulation. Topseal is a factory-applied urethane finish that protects the floor, reduces scuffing and simplifies routine maintenance. Topseal is applied in a 30-micron wear layer and extends the life of the flooring.

It is an eco-friendly formulation that features Lonseal’s exclusive GreenAir® technology that reduces VOC emissions and contributes to superior indoor air quality. It also includes GreenMedic® for increased microbial resistance.

Roll Width: 6 ft. (1.8 m)
Roll Length: 60 ft. (18.3 m)
Weight: 0.7 lbs. /sq. ft.
Overall Thickness: 0.080 in. (2.0 mm)
Wear Layer Thickness: 0.020 in. (0.5 mm)

SD251 Toasted Bagel
SD252 Spanish Chestnut
SD253 Colombian Roast
SD254 Oiled Teak
SD255 Olive Branch
SD256 Winter Trail
SD257 Gray Wolf
SD258 Black Lava


ASTM F1303 CLASSIFICATION: Type I, Grade 1, Class B, Commercial Use

CERTIFIED: FloorScore®


LEEDv4/4.1 CONTRIBUTION Building & Construction Interiors:
Environmental Product Declarations Option 1
Sourcing of Raw Materials Option 2
Low-Emitting Materials

Healthcare & Assisted Living
Corporate & Education
Retail & Hospitality
Displays & Fixtures
Exhibits & Entertainment
Specialty Vehicles

Celebrating over 48 years of durability and performance in a variety of commercial industries, Lonseal® is known as the “Little Giant” in the resilient sheet vinyl flooring industry. Lonseal offers a unique selection of resilient exterior and interior sheet vinyl flooring in embossed and smooth surfaces. They provide designs that best fit commercial spaces ranging from industrial to healthcare. Lonseal services a range of commercial applications including healthcare, educational, fitness, corporate, exhibits, entertainment stage studios, as well as transportation industries such as EMS, aviation and marine. Lonseal’s products are specified through architects and designers nationwide. For more information, visit LONSEAL.COM or call 310.830.7111.