Make a meaningful contribution!
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  • May 04, 2020

The CHID application deadline is May 1, 2021.
Make a meaningful contribution and apply today!

Meaningful contributions
With the presence of COVID-19, everyone is called to do their part and make meaningful contributions. As healthcare interior designers, it is our commitment to improve the health, quality and safety of patients, residents, family members and healthcare providers.

We are part of the solution
Our work is extremely important and essential to mitigate disease spread and future crisis situations. The vast knowledge of healthcare interior designers may quickly translate to other markets such as schools, retail, hospitality, restaurants, and long term care. This expertise is needed and likely, these markets will look to our experience to lead the way.

This is our opportunity
The expertise, credibility and number of Certified Healthcare Interior Designers® must continue to expand in order to meet demands and improve the world we live in.

Our outreach is critical
AAHID is resetting the bar to a higher level because it is necessary to do so. Please, make a meaningful contribution and apply today.