Marmoleum – Live Forward
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  • May 26, 2020

Marmoleum – Live Forward

Times are changing and now as we all know, not always in a good way. For today, we need to think about tomorrow more than we did yesterday. We owe it to our generation, and we have to do it for future ones: consider the way we eat, the way we travel, how we relax, work and think or in other words: we have to change the way we live.

Over the last 125 years we have been on an inspiring, Marmoleum path. With ups, downs, and the most amazing colors and textures. A CO2-neutral path through millions of buildings around the world. A path that’s still unfolding, because it hasn’t reached that fully sustainable future. Which is why we invite you to join us… choose most consciously… Learn More.

Forbo - Marmoleum

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