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  • June 05, 2019

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WhisperShade IQ2-DC: Asha’s Experience

WhisperShade IQ2-DC: Asha's Experience video

Intelligent, Quiet, Powerful

Mecho’s new Whispershade IQ2-DC, a low-voltage ultra-quiet shading system, is the latest innovation to Mecho’s quality line of commercial solar shading products. Being the most powerful and intelligent ultra-quiet motor on the market means IQ2-DC is the perfect solution for your next motorized project in Class A corporate, healthcare, and high-rise residential.

WhisperShade IQ2-DC is ultra-quiet, operating at levels below our leading competition. At only 38 decibels, the sound from the system below the standard level for ambient noise in corporate settings. The solution is ideal for healthcare applications as it meets the World Health Organization’s recommendation of fewer than 40 decibels for an ideal healing environment.

IQ2-DC is the most powerful low-voltage shading solution available. This unmatched power lifts large single shades or multi-band shades up to 600 square feet, allowing for ease in managing optimum daylight in commercial applications and a clean aesthetic for both interior and exterior design.

The IQ2-DC features built-in preventive maintenance technology that sends an alert when maintenance is needed to prevent costly downtime or unexpected repairs. Mecho’s DC system is the only one in the market that has this feature.

Mecho’s entire motorized WhisperShade offering, both low-voltage and line voltage, can operate seamlessly in tandem and can be incorporated into any of Mecho’s automated shading systems to provide improved aesthetics, allowing for optimal building and occupant performance.

WhisperShade IQ2-DC: Sandy’s Experience

Mecho Whispershade - Sandy's Experience

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