New Installation Methods for Improving Acoustics in Exposed Structure Spaces
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  • February 14, 2019

Improve Acoustics in Exposed Structure Spaces without Covering the Deck

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions unveils new methods for installing its InvisAcoustics™ Basics and Tectum® Direct-Attach panels onto trusses and I-beams

InvisAcoustics™ Basics Armstrong

LANCASTER, Pa. – Many spaces with an industrial aesthetic have completely exposed wood or concrete decks that prevent easy installation of sound-absorbing materials. With no acoustical absorption, these exposed structure spaces often become too loud for occupants.

To remedy this problem, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions has introduced new options for installing its InvisAcoustics™ Basics panels and Tectum® Direct-Attach panels vertically onto trusses and I-beams. Because the panels virtually disappear into these structural elements, the “hidden” acoustical solutions maintain the aesthetics of exposed structure designs while still providing noise absorption.

Fast and Easy Installation

Installation of the panels onto trusses is fast and easy with new Armstrong® Truss Fastening Kits. Available in White, Black and Field Paintable, the kits are compatible with InvisAcoustics Basics panels and 1″ thick Tectum Direct-Attach panels up to 2′ x 4′ in size. Installation onto I-beams is accomplished using hat track and standard screws or fasteners.

The new installation option allows architects and designers to provide acoustics in an exposed structure space without covering up the deck and changing the exposed structure aesthetic. It is also a quick, easy retrofit solution to minimize noise in an existing space.

Reduce Noise Levels

InvisAcoustics Basics panels are designed specifically for exposed structure spaces and have a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.75 meaning they absorb 75 percent of the sound that strikes them. Tectum Direct-Attach panels are ideal for use in heavy-use interiors and have an NRC of 0.40. Both panels can be painted to match the deck while maintaining their acoustical properties and are part of the Armstrong Sustain® portfolio meeting today’s most stringent sustainability compliance standards.

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