nora® introduces nora® Pad 0 for nora pro clean® system
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  • June 30, 2015


nora systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of commercial floor coverings, introduces a cleaning pad—nora® Pad 0—for the nora pro clean® system. The new pad is designed to be used with floor scrubbers or auto scrubbers, eliminating the need for burnishing while saving time and money.

“Using nora Pad 0 also avoids creating a high shine in those cases where a high-gloss aesthetic is not desirable,” said Haim BarNoy, Environmental Chemistry Consultant. “Instead, floors will develop a patina over time.”

The nora pro clean system is a unique floor cleaning system that reduces maintenance time and costs by eliminating the use of detergents and chemicals during the cleaning process. Key to the system are the nora® Pads, which are made of polyester fibers coated with microscopic industrial diamonds. For use only on specific nora® floor coverings, these exclusive pads are designed for all levels of maintenance needs, from periodic cleaning of small areas to more intense post-construction cleaning processes. When combined with water, the pads provide a green, cost-effective and sustainable cleaning solution for the nonporous, dirt-repellant surface of nora flooring.

“Continuous use of the nora pro clean system will actually make your floor more resistant to scuffing and staining over time,” said Haim BarNoy. “Performance improves and the floor remains easy to maintain.”

Like other cleaning pads for the nora pro clean system, nora Pad 0 is sold exclusively by nora.

To view a brief video about the nora pro clean system, visit the nora website at

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