Participate in an AAHID event at the HCD Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, November 10-13, 2018
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  • September 05, 2018
Healthcare Design Expo + Conference

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Attend an AAHID Event

Participate in an AAHID event session at the HCD Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, November 10-13, 2018. As colleagues in healthcare interior design, we look forward to the opportunity to engage with you at these AAHID featured sessions:

Sunday, November 11, 2018

AAHID Exam Prep Workshop

The Certified Healthcare Interior Designer® (CHID) credential is the only certification that tells colleagues, clients and potential employers that your education and experience in healthcare interior design distinguishes your qualifications. The CHID examination is administered by the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID) whose sole function is to board certify interior designers, architects and administrators that specialize in acute care, ambulatory care, and residential care facility design. The workshop is led by current CHIDs who will share insight on candidate eligibility, the application process, exam topics, sample questions and the exam schedule. Take the next step in distinguishing yourself and elevating your career by becoming a CHID!

AAHID Annual Meeting and Reception

The American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID) invites industry partners, Certified Healthcare Interior Designers® (CHID), supporters and friends to this special event. The reception offers the opportunity to mix, mingle and network, and to learn about the Certified Healthcare Interior Designer® (CHID) accreditation. A must attend event for the healthcare design community!

Monday, November 12, 2018

AAHID Educational Session: Vinyl, Polyurethane, or Silicone? What you need to know to specify Durable Coated Fabrics for Healthcare

What can be done to meet the challenges of persistent upholstery failures in today’s intense use healthcare setting? Current model is unsustainable, with durable coated fabrics failing prematurely, requiring management of warranty issues at exorbitant costs to all and ultimately affecting our HCAHPS scores. Explore with us the challenges of durable coated fabrics in today’s intensive use healthcare setting. Join our panel of healthcare industry partners; designer/owner’s representative, manufacturer/distributor, cleaning/maintenance expert and professional textile organization representative, for an open conversation about educated material selection, current & innovative new cleaning/disinfecting protocols to achieve clean healthcare environments, ongoing durability tests of heavy duty commercial healthcare durable coated fabrics in both laboratory and real world environments, and the creation of a durable coated fabrics selection guide and checklist. These panelists are currently members of the Durable Coated Fabrics Task Group which is actively engaged in an ongoing conversation exploring these issues, and committed to sharing our findings with the larger healthcare community as we come together to address this mutual challenge.

AAHID/Steelcase Health Student Fellowship Presentation

Join the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID)/Steelcase Health Fellowship recipient, who will present the results of a recently conducted research study evaluating the impact of induction rooms vs. operating rooms on child and parent anxiety for children who are undergoing outpatient surgical procedures. During this interactive session, you will hear about the challenges and implications of collecting real-time data in high-stress, fast-paced healthcare environments, as well as the practical application of the findings into the interior environment of the healthcare organization’s new surgical wing. The presentation team will also share insights on how to leverage research to support clinical and organizational objectives.

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