Ecore Commercial Flooring

ECORE, a company where recycling meets original thinking, began its first green initiative with its inception in 1876. Named The Lancaster Cork Company, it was founded by G.W. Dodge and his son, Byron G. Dodge.

The company started its transformation into what is now known as ECORE in 1986 by experimenting with 100 percent re-bonded recycled rubber products. For more than 135 years, the Dodge Family and ECORE have worked to ensure the company remains environmentally friendly. Although ECORE has changed its name and affiliations over the years to evolve, its vision has remained the same: to recycle common waste in uncommon ways.

ECORE’s Commercial Flooring division has been supplying flooring to the healthcare industry for years and has sales representatives trained and focused on sales and service to healthcare designers, architects, and facilities. ECORE Commercial Flooring (ECF) products are a perfect fit for healthcare applications because they:

  • Ensure safety by cushioning falls and being comfortable underfoot.
  • Provide exceptional acoustic properties – important in healthcare facilities for healing and communication.
  • Are easy to maintain and contribute to a sanitary environment.  ECF products are easy-to-clean, resistant to dirt and stains and lower the life cycle cost of the floor.
  • Are attractive – ECF products are pleasing to eye, providing both beauty and color to promote healing and well being.
  • Contribute to LEED points and good indoor air quality.

ECF has several new hybrid products that are ideal for healthcare, because they address today’s issues of acoustics, safety, ergonomics and maintenance.

ECF products offer architects and designers a portfolio of surfaces that provide endless possibilities to create personalized designs for healthcare applications. The flooring features brilliant color choices with custom design capabilities. ECF products’ aesthetics, combined with its health and sanitary benefits, makes it the ideal flooring solution for healthcare installations.