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Forbo Flooring Systems

With over 150 years of experience, Forbo Flooring Systems is a trusted global supplier of high-quality floor coverings. We are committed to environmentally responsible production, sustainable practices and far-reaching customer service. Forbo’s portfolio of products combine design, function and durability; making it easy to choose the perfect flooring solution for your facility.


A Clean, Hygienic Floor for the OR
Marmoleum OR is a flooring system developed to address the needs of healthcare operating rooms. It combines the time-tested performance of Marmoleum with puncture-proof ArmorCove technology for a hygienic, watertight installation that aids in preventing infection control issues. EZ-ON 100 adhesive speeds up installation times allowing for areas to be turned over upon completion.


A Durable, Puncture-Proof Coving Solution
ArmorCove is Forbo’s patented performed Marmoleum coving solution for safe, beautiful, durable flash coving that is easy to install and maintain. Providing a puncture-proof solution to protect your floors from damage caused by maintenance machines, movement of equipment and point loads; such as chairs and desks.


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