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Mecho is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of manual, motorized, and automated solar-shading systems for the healthcare environment. EcoVeil Sheer™ is the first shadecloth to meet the Healthier Hospital’s Safer Chemicals Challenge and contains no chemical flame retardants while passing NFPA 701® testing. Award-winning products include eco-friendly shadecloths, automated solar shading systems, motorized shades controlled by the patient via pillow-switch, and manual shades that are easy to raise/lower.

Mecho is the premier solution for state-of-the-art manual, motorized, automated, and integrated shading systems. Mecho’s commitment to environmentally responsible, human-centric design, energy-saving products and control systems is recognized as the prefered solution provider.

Mecho is synomynous with quality and innovation. Whether supplying a unique solution, customized design, or delivering clean and robust products that will stand the test of time, Mecho has the solution that gets the job done right.

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