SpencerCare is a division of The Spencer Company; a full service furniture dealership, with a focus on healthcare environments. We are unique, as we have a team of people dedicated to providing solutions for healthcare. We provide quality, cost-effective solutions that are compliant, meeting the demands of the healthcare industry.

SpencerCare is a single source for furniture in acute care hospitals and medical centers, medical office buildings, specialty care centers, senior living, and long term care facilities. Our breadth of lines allow us to present furniture options in a variety of styles, catering to different patient demographics and geographical regions. We offer products designed with features that address specific needs of the patient, family and caregivers conducive to the healing process and focusing on evidence based design research. These features impact patient care and environmental safety and represent the best investment and sustainability.

To find out more about SpencerCare, visit www.spencer-furniture.com/spencercare.