Patcraft has Introduced its Latest Modular Collection, Urban Relief
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  • February 28, 2019


Patcraft’s Urban Relief™ Features Texture and Scale

Modular Collection’s City-Inspired Patterns Build Structure Through Thoughtful Design

Cartersville, Ga. – Patcraft’s newest modular collection, Urban Relief, is designed to enhance commercial interiors through a thoughtful mix of texture and scale. Available in 24” x 24” carpet tiles, the three styles within the collection feature subtle patterns balancing both the organic and synthetic elements of city life. Inspired by the history, character and contrast of city landscape, the collection is offered in 10 soothing colorways to create warmth and tactility within the built environment.

“With Urban Relief, the Patcraft design team found inspiration in the beauty of city structures, taking cues from shadows and tones found within the concrete and natural patina of the buildings,” said Shannon Cochran, vice president of creative and design for Patcraft. “The varied patterns within the collection build scale and structure through texture and subtle organic visuals for soothing and tranquil environments.”

Urban Relief’s three styles, Eastern Facade, Suburban Abstract and Edgeland are available in a timeless, flexible color palette that allows for seamless coordination with existing products or alongside other carpet and hard surface products. Eastern Facade is a medium scale, structured organic grid with heavier textures and layers of detail. Suburban Abstract is a large scale organic texture, reminiscent of concrete. And finally, Edgeland features a large texture with an accented thread-up to build scale within the pattern.

Constructed with Solution Q® Nylon and a multi-level pattern loop, Urban Relief also features Patcraft’s innovative StrataWorx® backing*. StrataWorx is a lightweight, durable backing which offers maximum efficiency in manufacturing, transportation and installation. Products are backed with ten year limited warranties against stain, colorfastness to light, static and abrasive wear for maximum performance and appearance retention.

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