Patcraft’s Monochrome & Surface Tone Resilient Tiles Reveal Abstract and Organic Visuals
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  • March 21, 2019


Patcraft’s Monochrome & Surface Tone Resilient Tiles Reveal Abstract and Organic Visuals

Contrasting Finishes Allow for Multifarious Installations

Cartersville, Ga. – Patcraft’s newest resilient tile collection, Monochrome & Surface Tone, is designed to transform space and experience. Featuring abstract visuals with a natural, yet sophisticated aesthetic, this beautiful collection offers simplicity to promote connection and inspire creativity through the use of visual variation in the tile’s finish. With products inspired by natural stone, the abstract organic visuals uniquely enhance the built environment.

“With the Monochrome products within this collection, we sought to bridge the divide between two contrasting finishes: matte and gloss,” said Kelly Stewart, hard surface designer for Patcraft. “We saw opportunity for these looks to help designers move beyond ordinary flooring installation designs. We chose a tile format and rich neutrals and dynamic brights to leverage the most opportunity from the gloss finish and the simplicity of the matte look.”

Monochrome offers contrasting matte and gloss textures that enable designers to play with the effects of light to control the design of various end-use environments. Monochrome Matte is available in 18”x36” tiles, and the complementary Monochrome Gloss accents are available in 9”x36” tiles. Intended only for accents and borders, Monochrome Gloss’s installation is limited to no more than 20% of a space. Surface Tone is available in 11 refined colorways ranging from neutrals to brights and is offered in 9”x36” tiles. Together, Monochrome & Surface Tone inspire experimentation to create scale through subtle or bold pairings.

“These influential visuals work together to create a fluid yet dynamic aesthetic,” said Stewart. “The Monochrome & Surface Tone collection represents what can be accomplished when polarizing looks are artfully brought together to create a thoughtful flooring collection.”

Featuring a 20 mil wear layer for superior durability, the collection is polish and buff optional for hassle-free maintenance. The 5mm product construction allows for installation alongside carpet without the need for transition and an ExoGuard® finish provides enhanced scratch and stain resistance.

Reaching beyond the ordinary to introduce a truly unique flooring collection, Monochrome & Surface Tone features beautiful, simplistic designs.

Patcraft's Monochrome & Surface Tone

Patcraft’s Monochrome & Surface Tone

Patcraft's Monochrome & Surface Tone

Patcraft’s Monochrome & Surface Tone

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