SafeWalls® Contest For CHIDs
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  • June 29, 2021

Greetings (CHID) Certified Healthcare Interior Designers®,

Keeping patients, staff and facilities as safe as possible is critically important, so SafeWalls® is providing an exclusive offer for Certified Healthcare Interior Designers®! SafeWalls® provides antimicrobial, stainproof, polymer wall coverings that prohibit the growth of microbes, bacteria and viruses. To learn more about the efficacy of SafeWalls®, check out the catalog product listing and watch a short product demonstration video here. Consider which of your projects would benefit from the installation of SafeWalls® and enter the contest today! It’s a $5,000 value for CHID’s only – complete details follow:

Competition Background

BrandArmor Technologies, a gold level industry partner of AAHID, manufactures SafeWalls®, the only antimicrobial polymer wallcovering that safely eliminates up to 96.2% of SARS CoV-2 from the surface in 1-Hour. In addition to its antimicrobial feature, SafeWalls® are also stain-free, even sharpie doodles simply wipe off.

Competition Criteria Overview

We are looking for visually impactful projects in a high visibility common area of a hospital or clinic. The winning entry will receive a promo SafeWalls® type II wallcovering print, up to 500 sq ft in size (i.e., 10’ x 50’), a $5,000 value at no cost. Your client’s only cost will be installation.

SafeWalls® are digitally printed so pretty much any design, pattern, color or image is possible. Proofs will be provided by BrandArmor for sign-off prior to production.

Competition Submission Criteria

Each submission (designer can submit multiple projects) to include the following:

  • Brief description of the project
  • Photos of the space where the SafeWalls® will be installed along with rough dimensions
  • Artwork for the space
  • Project timeline

Evaluation Criteria

  • Installation location
  • Originality of design
  • Impactfulness