Skyline Design Launches Addition to Digital Glass Printing Collection
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  • AAHID Admin
  • July 13, 2015


Building on its collection of notable alliances in the arts, Skyline Design is expanding the Digital Glass Portfolio to include work by the photographer Bonnie Edelman. Her recent series entitled SCAPES (Land, Sea, Sky) captures the images and colors of nature to gently transport the viewer. The peaceful atmospheric qualities of the work provide a sense of and wellbeing, making it an ideal solution for healthcare environments.
Widely recognized for her unique photographic technique combining motion and slow shutter speeds, Edelman creates colorful, abstracted images. Rather than depicting specific subject matter, the work offers a softened impression reminiscent of a seasonal landscape, strongly capturing the atmosphere of her travels. A steady sense of horizon grounds the photographs, placing the viewer within the context of the scene while emphasizing an expansive panorama. Edelman’s wide, open spaces express a colorful wilderness and imbue interior spaces with a sense of serenity. Her abstractions offer a departure from traditional landscape photography, creating an ambience welcome in a range of interiors—from the office
to healthcare applications.
Edelman’s imagery draws inspiration from travel and the natural world, creating patterns and textures based on sunlight and color. Skyline Design’s state of the art digital processes introduce Edelman’s photographs to a dynamic medium capable of impacting a wide audience through its integration into interior architecture. The Portfolio offers a selection of images for large format digital printing on glass using proprietary etching techniques. With its AST™ Digital Glass Printing technology, Skyline Design leads the field in uniting aesthetic
sensibilities with innovative industrial production. Produced on low-iron, PPG Starphire® tempered glass, images can be produced with translucent AST etch or AST III Vitracolor® back paint (for wall cladding).
All patterns are available in sizes up to 72”x144” and in all standard glass thicknesses.



Bonnie Edelman
Following a distinguished career in publishing, Bonnie Edelman moved to the fine art world after discovering her passion for photography. Her body of work entitled SCAPES (Land, Sea, Sky) was initially developed while traveling in Uruguay, where the artist photographed horses for her book Sermo Per Equus, described by Architectural Digest as “truly sublime.” In SCAPES, Edelman uses a slow shutter speed and motion to create blurred, prismatic landscapes. Following her early experiments in Uruguay, Edelman continued to develop the body of work while traveling in Germany, Italy, and Mexico.
Now residing between New York City and Connecticut, Edelman’s photographs have been shown in galleries and museums throughout the northeast, and feature in numerous private collections. She continues to explore new inspiration and image making techniques in her own backyard and during her frequent travels around the world.


Skyline Design
For over 30 years, Skyline Design has redefined patterned glass in architecture, making glass the prominent creative building material it is today. The Skyline Design development approach blends a broad spectrum of creative expression with today’s most advanced technologies. Passionate and knowledgeable about fabricating glass that alters the way light is transmitted, small design and development teams collaborate with outside designers, architects, and artists for each project. This intimate approach results in customized quality products that enhance color, luminosity, movement, and privacy in the built interior.
At Skyline Design, sustainability has been and remains a cornerstone of day-to-day business practice. Manufacturing processes are audited for environmental efficiency and continue to be improved. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in Skyline Design’s fundamental building material: glass is made from natural materials, such as sand; it has a virtually unlimited life cycle; and it is recyclable at the end of life.