Spec Launches an Extension with CET Designer
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  • AAHID Admin
  • June 07, 2019

Spec Launches an Extension with CET Designer

Spec is excited to announce the launch of its extension with CET Designer at NeoCon 2019. The extension will give CET Designer users access to all Spec seating and occasional tables symbols, with scheduled updates planned that will see the outstanding product lines added.

“The project began a little over a year ago. With thousands of SKUs and a countless number of options and finishes for our product, we are almost at the finish line,” said Mike McLean, VP Sales and Marketing. “Before embarking on this journey, we wanted to ensure we meet the two most important pieces of criteria: that our pricing is correct in real time, and that our visuals are as crisp as they can be. We are happy to say that both have been accomplished!”
Spec team adds that the extension will be nothing like any other platform Spec product is on. Instead, it will be a reliable specification space for Spec product to all CET Designer users out there – free of charge.

The company will handle technical support in-house, giving it a way to understand and address opportunities for improvement first hand. “Our guiding principle is to provide exceptional service to our customers. Taking on the technical support side of operations was a collective decision to take ownership of the quality of service provided, enabling us to identify areas for improvement and act promptly,” adds McLean. “We invite CET Designer users to download and try the Spec extension. We are proud of the work we have done, and believe users will enjoy the experience.”

Spec, a prominent contract furniture manufacturer, was established in 1991 out of a desire to bring a unique customer-oriented approach to the contract marketplace. The company provides strong designs that excel at meeting all core requirements, together with a huge array of options, choices, price points, and scales so Spec customers can specify the best possible solution.