Stance Healthcare, Panaz Collaboration Brings Coronavirus-Fighting Healthcare Fabrics to North America
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  • May 21, 2020

Stance Healthcare, Panaz Collaboration Brings Coronavirus-Fighting Healthcare Fabrics to North America

Shieldplus by Panaz™ Anti-Microbial Technology featured in joint offering from the furniture designers, fabric suppliers

TORONTO, ON (May 21, 2020) – North American healthcare facilities will soon have access to new cleanable, antimicrobial furnishing options proven to fight Coronavirus thanks to a new collaboration between Stance Healthcare, a furniture designer and manufacturer for healthcare and behavioral health facilities, and Panaz, a supplier of high-quality healthcare fabrics.

Known for their leadership in innovative healthcare furniture design, Stance Healthcare is the first company to offer card selections from Panaz, a UK fabric supplier for over 30 years specializing in antimicrobial treatments. The collaboration solidifies Panaz’s official entry into the North American medical marketplace, just as the company’s innovative Shieldplus by Panaz™ Anti-Microbial Technology was recently deemed effective against the Coronavirus following extensive testing. Panaz specializes in antimicrobial treatments, resilient and high-performance finishes and intelligent textiles that promote a sense of well-being and aid recovery in healthcare environments.

Shieldplus by Panaz™ Anti-Microbial Technology attracts microbes (viruses, fungi and bacteria), physically destroying them immediately on impact. It has the broadest spectrum of effectiveness against bacteria, including C-Diff Spore and viruses. Cleanability is critical to mitigating hospital-acquired infections caused by viruses, especially in the current healthcare environment still battling the novel Coronavirus, which has infected over 4 million people worldwide as of May 2020. The efficiency of the products has been tested for continued performance after multiple washes and years of use.

“For every product we design, Stance Healthcare is laser-focused on supporting cleanable, sterile healthcare settings – and that mission has never been more urgent,” said Carl Kennedy, Stance Healthcare’s president. “This collaboration with Panaz bolsters our capacity to deliver on this commitment, and we are thrilled to be the first to bring Panaz’s virus-fighting furniture materials to the North American market. In today’s healthcare environment, and as we move forward, an even greater emphasis will be placed on fabric cleanability and durability. I believe Panaz will exhibit strong leadership in this area.”

Stance Healthcare, for their part, has been recognized in recent years for their intuitive furniture designs which are safe, durable, and highly cleanable, without sacrificing comfort. The company’s collections are also known to offer features which anticipate and subtly address the needs of end-users, including the ways they can be cleaned. The collaboration with Panaz is a natural expansion of the company’s sterility-focused fabrics portfolio.

“Our market-leading healthcare fabrics are designed for challenging environments that demand the best. In these unprecedented times, we thank Stance Healthcare for helping us offer our technology that is effective against the Coronavirus,” said Luke Spink Panaz’s Eastern USA & Canada, Sales Manager. “We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Stance Healthcare, and to growing our impact in the North American market, to the benefit of every patient, visitor, and healthcare worker using these products.” Stance Healthcare has carded six ShieldPlus by Panaz™ Technology selections from the Panaz Healthcare Performance Fabrics collection. Fabric Cards will be available in early July on the Stance Healthcare website at Contact Stance Healthcare customer service 1-877-395-262 for more information.

About Stance Healthcare
Founded in 2006, Stance Healthcare manufactures furniture for healing environments, with a particular focus on hospitals and behavioral health facilities. Stance Healthcare has a reputation for providing high-quality products that meet the ever-evolving demands in the areas of design, comfort, safety, durability, renewability, infection control and environmental sustainability. With a strong understanding of patient-centered design, Stance Healthcare is committed to providing innovative furniture solutions that support the healing process. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information on Stance Healthcare.

About Panaz
Founded in 1986, Panaz are global suppliers of high quality decorative fabrics and wallcoverings for the Hospitality, Healthcare, Cruise and Corporate sectors. For more than 30 years as UK fabric suppliers, our company has focused on design excellence and differentiation through technical innovation resulting in a diverse and comprehensive range of beautiful, exclusive and durable fire retardant furnishing fabrics. Our market leading healthcare division specializes in antimicrobial treatments, resilient and high performance finishes and intelligent textiles to promote a sense of wellbeing and aid recovery in exacting healthcare environments. Antimicrobial fabrics from upholstery suppliers Panaz are at the forefront of their division.