Stance Healthcare Sponsors Healthcare Interior Design Podcast
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  • November 14, 2019

Stance Healthcare Sponsors Healthcare Interior Design Podcast

Exploring the changing face of healthcare design

Ontario, Canada – Stance Healthcare, a healthcare furniture manufacturer, has committed to sponsoring 5 episodes of the Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 podcast that was launched earlier this year. In addition to the sponsorship, Suzanne Fawley, Stance Healthcare’s Behavioral Health Interior Designer, is also featured in a 40-minute episode.

Suzanne Fawley Healthcare Design podcastHealthcare Interior Design 2.0 is a podcast that explores the changing face of healthcare design through intimate conversations with leading creatives in the field and focuses on the innovation, challenges, and solutions regarding healthcare design. The podcast is geared toward the designers, architects, developers, and engineers who create tomorrow’s hospitals, healthcare spaces and senior living communities.

In episode 21, Cheryl Janis speaks with Suzanne Fawley on her early childhood experiences in the ED where her mother was an RN and the director of the department. She also explains why furniture for Behavioral Health design is not a one size fits all approach, and the design inspiration behind Stance Healthcare’s award-winning Resilia Drum Table and Frontier Collection, both manufactured for intensive-use environments.

“A deeply moving and important conversation with Behavioral Health Interior Design Consultant Suzanne Fawley,” says host and producer of the Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 podcast, Cheryl Janis. “You’ll learn what new furniture is coming onto the scene, and how it’s becoming easier than ever before for healthcare designers to spec comfortable, beautiful and safe furniture for the end user.”

To listen to the podcast, visit, or download it from iTunes or Stitcher.

About Stance Healthcare
Founded in 2006, Stance Healthcare manufactures furniture for healing environments, with a particular focus on hospitals and behavioral health facilities. Stance Healthcare has a reputation for providing high-quality products that meet the ever-evolving demands in the areas of design, comfort, safety, durability, renewability, infection control and environmental sustainability. With a strong understanding of patient-centered design, Stance Healthcare is committed to providing innovative furniture solutions that support the healing process. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information on Stance Healthcare.