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  • July 14, 2015

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Versteel, a designer and manufacturer of tables and seating, announces the introduction of Quanta HD Beam seating.
Roberto Lucci designed the Quanta HD Beam as a continuation of his design maximization process, which began with the Quanta™ chair. This strategy evolves a single design concept into a product range with many variants. The advantages are that everyone will find the piece that is right for them – both in design and comfort. The seats and backs are constructed from the highest quality polyshell and the frame is designed utilizing a solid steel construction that make it extremely durable yet still maintaining the design elegance that Versteel is known for.
Quanta HD Beam is available in 2 or 3 seat applications either with or without arms that can incorporate middle, end and corner table beams to allow for endless configurations. Adhering to their strict environmental standards, Quanta HD is made from recycled content and designed to be disassembled and recycled at end of life. Quanta HD Beam was designed
with DFE (Design for the Environment) goals in mind. Quanta is BIFMA Level® certified.
• Cold-rolled steel bar stock for light-weight, long-lasting durability.
• Polyshell seats and backs.
• Polyshell: Available in colors including near black, snow, cobalt, salsa, canary, lime,
papaya, quarry and oyster.
• Upholstery: Available on seats for color, texture and comfort.
• Arms: Available with or without arms.
More information on products and availability can be found at