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Become CHID Certified

Enhance your professional credibility by earning the CHID credential. Application deadline: May 1, 2021.

Recognizing excellence, commitment, and knowledge

Whether you’re a healthcare interior designer looking to boost your professional credibility and help advance the field; or someone looking for a highly qualified healthcare interior designer to join your team, you’ve come to the right place. AAHID’s Certified Healthcare Interior Designer (CHID) credential recognizes excellence, commitment, and knowledge of this complex discipline.

Committed to creating the best environments for healthcare delivery, Certified Healthcare Interior Designers are the most qualified to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of patients, residents, and staff in hospitals, clinics, and residential care facilities.

Our partners are industry leaders

We value partners who transform the healthcare environment into one for healing, improving outcomes and maximizing efficiency.

  • Marianne Graffam


    Marianne Graffam
  • Jamison Delfino
    I was interested in becoming a CHID to strengthen and expand my level of expertise in the healthcare market. I have also enjoyed connecting with other designers and helping to build our community in the process.
    Jamison Delfino
  • Libby Laguta

    The reason I pursued the CHID exam was to have tangible evidence confirming my knowledge of healthcare and hospitals. It’s one thing to say that I’ve spent 30 years inside a hospital and have worked with over 70 different departments within the hospital, but it’s another to have my clients write letters on my behalf and endorse my efforts! It has served me well, especially when a potential client asks what I had to do to achieve those letters beside my name.

    If a designer is interested in standing out their career, I suggest taking the exam.

    Libby Laguta