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Serve on the Board of Directors

AAHID is looking for qualified leaders who are passionate about the field of healthcare interior design and its dynamic environment. Serving on the Board of Directors of AAHID is a unique opportunity to advance the practice of healthcare interior design. The leadership of AAHID is committed to fostering a positive change for the association and the healthcare environment.

CHID Certified Healthcare Interior Designers® that have a desire to contribute to the association’s ongoing development are encouraged to apply to become a leader on the Board of Directors. Board applications are due August 1.

AAHID Volunteers

Volunteer for the 2024 CHID Job Analysis Task Force

The purpose of the CHID Job Analysis task force is to establish a defined set of domains and identify tasks, knowledge and/or skills necessary to carry out the responsibilities of healthcare interior designers to validate the CHID examination outline. Members of the task force will work with AAHID’s testing company to develop a job analysis survey and analyze survey results.   The task force will then update the CHID exam outline with content identified in the survey as most relevant to the practice and knowledge of healthcare interior designers.

AAHID is seeking six to eight (6-8) Certified Healthcare Interior Designers (CHIDs) with a variety of experience to participate on the 2024 Job Analysis Task Force. The time responsibilities include required virtual meetings below. There may be additional work in between meeting dates that should not take more than 1-2 hours per month. The work will be completed by the end of October 2024. If you are interested, please complete the application by Friday, July 26th.

More ways to get involved

In addition, AAHID’s success depends on the work of passionate CHIDs who are willing to participate in various Committees.

Interested in joining a committee? See the Committees you can join below and use the button to sign up and receive more information.

  • Marketing and Social Media Committee
  • Test Development Committee
  • Outreach Committee
  • Research and Education Committee
  • Industry Partners Committee
  • Exam Review Committee