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A message from the President

Dear Fellow CHID Certificants, Industry Partners and Colleagues,

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
— Helen Keller

I am reminded by this quote, that achievements can be attained through collaboration and a shared purpose. And, it’s your support and belief in CHID certification, that enables AAHID to advance the organization’s strategic priorities.

Thank you for promoting CHID Candidate Forums, engaging in educational and professional development sessions at industry events, and advocating for the CHID credential. Your involvement is instrumental in raising awareness for CHID certification among your colleagues and clients. Continued visibility is key to the growth of the CHID certification program.

As an elite group, distinguished by education, examination, training and experience, it is important to share our stories and successes which are heightened by our expertise. Sharing serves to define the value we experience as CHID certificants and the value that others place on our specialized knowledge. It also provides other healthcare interior designers with insight into the benefits of certification. CHIDs are relied upon to provide decisive and authoritative feedback to all involved in creating the best environments for healthcare delivery. This was most notably realized when AAHID was included in the recent Design Connections Summit in Austin, TX. Many CHIDs in attendance were asked to provide input on exciting new healthcare products. We were also thrilled to support our Industry Partners, who were on-site, exhibiting some of the latest, innovative products for the healthcare marketplace.

AAHID has purposefully worked this year to enhance our presence and involvement at industry events. These events provide an ideal venue for networking and promoting the CHID credential. In addition to Design Connections, we attended EFA in the spring, NeoCon in June, and we are looking forward to connecting with all of you at the upcoming HCD Conference and Expo in Phoenix, AZ. AAHID has several activities planned for HCD including our Annual Meeting & Reception which promises to bring together the “Who’s Who” in healthcare interior design. We will also be exhibiting, so please stop by booth #1709 in the Exhibitor Resource Center. Help us spread the word about certification and learn how you can qualify to win a complimentary 2019 HCD Registration. This is also a great opportunity for CHIDs to connect with potential candidates. For more updates, check out the Industry Events and Activities section below.

The AAHID board continues to identify opportunities to advance the CHID certification program, and is focused on improvements to enhance the candidate experience. We are currently working on a solution that would make the exam more accessible and easier for candidates to coordinate around their schedule. Also, the e-Learning Series is due to launch in December 2018. This supplemental study aid will help candidates prior to taking the exam assess their current knowledge, and identify areas where deficiencies may exist.

I look forward to sharing more AAHID achievements in the upcoming year-end report. Until then, I hope to see you soon at HCD. Let’s celebrate our achievements together.

As always, please remember to spread the word and encourage potential CHIDs to submit their application for one of our upcoming exams.


Libby Laguta, CHID, EDAC, ACHE
President, AAHID


Join a group of distinguished healthcare interior designers. Learn more about CHID certification and see if you qualify to sit for the exam.

CHID EXAM – New Dates for 2019

Encourage your colleagues to sit for the exam

Share the benefits of CHID certification

In 2019, the CHID examination will be administered in the Fall.

Applications for the Fall exam will be reviewed in two cycles. Applicants may submit an application based on their preference by either:

  • January 14, 2019
  • -OR-
  • July 15, 2019


CHIDs and Industry Partners, help spread the word to potential candidates about the value and benefits of the CHID Certified Healthcare Interior Designer® certification.

Ghina Itani“It takes years of education, experience and acquired knowledge to become a seasoned healthcare interior designer. But, to leave your mark on a potential client, you only have three seconds to tell your story.

I simply say ‘I’m a CHID’ and that says it all!”

— Ghina Itani, CHID ASID EDAC
Itani Design Concepts

Visit Us in Booth 1709 in the Exhibitor Resource Center at HCD, and share your story!

Just like Ghina, we all have a story or experience to share that reflects the value of the CHID certification. AAHID would like to hear from you.

Can’t join us at HCD? Send your testimonials to AAHID.

All testimonials will be subject to use in AAHID’s market outreach to potential candidates as well as highlighted on


Candidate ForumCandidate Forums are a great opportunity for potential CHID candidates to learn about the examination process and network with current CHIDs and Industry Partners.

New Orleans, LA – September 2018
The event, held in the AOS showroom, had over 60 attendees including some LSU students. Due to the generosity of our industry partners, AAHID received $1000 to be used toward exam scholarships.

A big thank you to our host AOS and the following industry partners for their support:
Carolina/CF Stinson, National, KI, Krug, SitonIt, and IOA & Stance.

Dallas, TX – October 2018
The most recent Candidate Forum was held in the Ginger Grant Group Showroom and presented by Michelle Clark and Louise Nicholson Carter. Attendees had the opportunity to enter a drawing for one of three exam scholarships which were generously provided by Ecore, Krug, and Skyline Art Services.

AAHID is grateful for our industry partners and their support. Our collaborative partnership is instrumental in raising awareness for the CHID certification program and connecting with potential candidates.

Learn how you can sponsor or host a Candidate Forum
If you have an interest in participating in a Candidate Forum, contact for more information.


The continued support from all AAHID Industry Partners (IPs), brings value to professionals practicing in the field of healthcare interior design who are committed to transforming the healthcare environment into a healing environment. Their support is instrumental in advancing the CHID certification program.

Our Industry Partners are as Distinguished as our Certificants
View all the AAHID Industry Partners and check out their products and services.

Recognizing Industry Partners
We continue to acknowledge and support our Industry Partners through recognition in our communications, including the annual Year-in-Review, promotions within industry event publications as well as LinkedIn posts and website announcements that highlight their specialized services and products.

Learn more about:

  • How to become an industry partner
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Connecting with CHIDs

Contact Kathy Checea at


Healthcare Design Expo AAHID is getting ready for Phoenix and HCD! We have planned several activities to promote professional development, build awareness for the CHID Certified Healthcare Interior Designer® credential, and help candidates prepare for the exam. We look forward to engaging with you at these AAHID featured sessions:


  • 1:45-2:45PM: AAHID Exam Prep Workshop
  • 6:30-8:00PM: AAHID Annual Meeting and Reception:
    Qualified attendees (current NCIDQ & NCARB certificants) who participate in one of these Sunday events, are eligible to enter a drawing for a CHID Exam Scholarship.


  • 9:45-10:45AM: AAHID Educational Session, “Vinyl, Polyurethane, or Silicone? What you need to know to specify Durable Coated Fabrics for Healthcare.”
  • 3:15-4:15PM: AAHID/Steelcase Health Fellowship Presentation, Deborah Wingler, MDS-HHE EDAC, 2017-2018 Award Winner

Learn more about all these AAHID sessions and activities.

Celebrate with us

to all the AAHID
Annual Meeting & Reception sponsors.

AAHID Reception Sponsors


Win a Complimentary 2019 HCD Registration

Visit AAHID in booth #1709, in the Exhibitor Resource Center, and find out how you can qualify


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