President’s Message

Teri Bennet

2022 President, AAHID
Johns Hopkins Health System - Facilities
Architecture + Planning, 1993-2020, recently retired
Baltimore, MD

July 2022
Dear CHIDs,
It’s a busy summer already and (CHID) Certified Healthcare Interior Designers® are sharing their expertise and enthusiasm for better healthcare environments all across the industry!
It was great to see many of you at our June 2nd CHID Community Connections event, FGI 101: FGI 2022 changes, HGRC, and Residential Care. It was a lively interview between Jane Rohde and Isaac Holman, moderated by AAHID Secretary/Treasurer, and Study Prep committee chair, Megan McNally. Well done everyone! The Zoom room maxed out due to overwhelming response. We needed a bigger room! The recording is available on the AAHID website.
As part of the Board of Director’s ongoing work on the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, we voted to revise our Mission statement to add the phrase “to safeguard public health, safety and welfare”. The revised Mission Statement now reads: “The mission of AAHID is the certification of interior designers qualified by education, examination, training, and experience to provide interior design services to safeguard public health, safety and welfare in the healthcare industry.” You can help AAHID plan for the future by sharing your expertise and applying to become part of the 2023 AAHID Board of Directors. Application deadline is September 1st.
Several CHIDs are serving this year as Touchstone Award Jurors for the Center for Health Design (CHD). AAHID reached out to CHD asking if they could use more EDAC certified CHID to serve as jurors, to which they replied enthusiastically. An email to all EDAC-certified CHIDs garnered fifteen affirmative responses, from which CHD ultimately selected four to serve this year: AnnMarie Jackson, Helen Lanes, Megan McNally, and Teri Lura Bennett. We’ll definitely reach out again next year!
The 2022 FGI has been published, so guess what? Time to start planning for the 2026 revision! Last fall the Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI) asked if AAHID could provide a slate of potential CHIDs to serve on the FGI Healthcare Guidelines Review Committee (HGRC). We reached out and several CHIDs offered to serve, and a slate of names was sent to FGI. We expect to learn about their selection sometime this fall. Just a reminder that FGI is responsive to all input, so if you see something in FGI that should be reconsidered, say something!
We have 45 approved candidates to take the 2022 (CHID) Certified Healthcare Interior Designer® exam. A special thank you to CIDQ Chief Executive Officer, Thom Banks, who sent an email on our behalf to the 1000+ NCIDQ certificants with healthcare experience who are not yet CHIDs, which resulted in many additional applicants for the 2022 CHID exam. We wish everyone good luck and look forward to welcoming our newest CHIDs this fall. We’ve included them on this email to encourage outreach as they prepare to take the exam this September.
AAHID has a new committee for Research and Education! This committee will assist CHIDs by providing guidance for industry resources, encourage participation in conference education sessions, and help to analyze and conduct their own research. The committee is reviewing AAHID website resources to ensure that they represent best practices in healthcare interior design. Thank you to Barbara Dellinger, chair of the Research and Education committee, board director, and AAHID founding member.
We’ve begun working on plans for AAHID at Healthcare Design 2022 in San Antonio. Plans include, two CEU education sessions, an AAHID trade expo booth, Industry Partners Meet and Greet, and the Annual Meeting and Reception. New this year will be an in-person Mentoring event at the AAHID booth to facilitate and encourage CHID to develop mentoring relationships between CHIDs and potential CHID candidates. We are at our best when we share our wealth of experience. We don’t have to do this alone!
As we continue to strengthen AAHID’s relationship with allied professional organizations we endeavor to clearly message on behalf of AAHID. To that end, we’d like to share a recent letter circulated by the Association for Contract Textiles (ACT) to its members which presented misinformation about AAHID. Linked here you will find the ACT letter, AAHID leadership response, and additional information on the Durable Coated Fabric (DCF) task group and the CFFA-Healthcare-201 certification. ACT did respond acknowledging the misrepresentation. We encourage CHIDs to learn more about these subjects so that they may benefit from clear information on which to base decisions.
I look forward to continuing my work with AAHID, the Board of Directors, and CHID as we anticipate a banner year sharing our passion for a better built healthcare environment. Well done everyone. I can’t wait to see what happens next!
Thank you,