President’s Message

2023 President, AAHID
CRGA Design
Baltimore, MD

January 2024
Dear CHIDs and Industry Partners,
As we reflect on 2023 and plan our start to the new year, I want to thank everyone who helped to make the past year a success. In 2023 we launched the implementation of our strategic plan to create Community, foster Education & Research, promote AAHID through greater Recognition & Outreach, and ensure our Organizational Continuity. Each of you played a role in advancing our goals and for that, I

thank you!

We had a full year of activity including four community connection events where we gathered virtually to share thoughts and ideas, provide educational opportunities, and engage with our Industry Partners. We celebrated the achievements of our certificate holders and Industry Partners through our marketing and social media platforms. We provided mentorship and guidance to a new cohort of exam candidates throughout the year.

We gathered together at the Healthcare Design Conference in New Orleans to educate our community, network with our peers, foster relationships with our industry partners, celebrate during our annual meeting, and advocate for the importance of the CHID Certified Healthcare Interior Designer® credential. In the Fall, we took the opportunity to gather in small groups around the country to network and to recruit new examination candidates. We held in-person meet-ups in nine different states. We look forward to having many of the participants apply to sit for the examination this coming Fall. The deadline for the application is May 15, 2024, so please continue the recruitment efforts among your peers.
In 2023 we welcomed twenty-six new CHID Certified Healthcare Interior Designers® into our community. 

Congratulations to those who successfully passed the 2023 examination!

Aileen Avila-Banaag

Faith Baumann

Ann Byker

Tara Carlile

Paul Cooper

Meghan Dudek

Tori Ebel

Teresa (Tracey) Fillmore

Heather Harris

Madeleine Helgren

Tory Johnson

Carlie Kemp

Iten Khalil

Mahsa (Macy) Koochek

Laura Lee

Michelle Lee

Madeleine Matchett

Megan Merritt

Laura Montemagno

Lindsay Payne

Jill Quam

Heather Ratliff

Kristen Shallish

Bonny Slater

Randi Sundell

Ruby Thorp

We trust that you will continue to advocate for the CHID Certified Healthcare Interior Designer® credential through your work, by attending our community events, and by getting involved with committee activities. In 2024 we are launching a new partnership opportunity with the addition of Design Firm Partners. This will provide an opportunity for design firms with at least one CHID Certified Healthcare Interior Designer® on their staff to engage with AAHID on another level. Please visit our website for further details.
In 2024, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary. I am excited for the new year and all the activities that we are planning. I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors this upcoming year as the Immediate Past President to support our new president, Megan McNally, in continuing the good work of this organization. Megan will be leading us forward with the help of our committee chairpersons and the remainder of the 2024 Board of Directors which includes Stephanie Fallon, Sarah Tetens, Melinda Avila-Torio, Barbara Dellinger, Antonio Amadeo, Sarah Harvey and Marie Lukaszeski.
Please keep an eye on your inbox and your social media platforms for more news from AAHID and please join us for our 2024 Community Connection Series of engagement and educational opportunities. We have a lot of activities planned to celebrate our 20th anniversary and we encourage you to get involved.



President, American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers

Aileen Avila-Banaag Faith Baumann Ann Byker Tara Carlile Paul Cooper Meghan Dudek Tori Ebel Teresa (Tracey) Fillmore Heather Harris Madeleine Helgren Tory Johnson Carlie Kemp Iten Khalil