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certified healthcare interior designersAre you interested in distinguishing your company in the healthcare market? Our partners are as distinguished as our designers.

AAHID’s mission is to certify interior designers who qualify by education, experience, and examination to provide interior design services to the healthcare industry.

AAHID’s vision is to be the essential certification program for healthcare interior designers.

AAHID Industry Partners (IP) provide services or products to the healthcare organizations that hire CHIDs. Become an IP, and you’ll distinguish yourself as a unique community of fellow corporations and manufacturers, united by the commitment to transform the healthcare built environment through interior design.

Become a partner with AAHID and distinguish yourself.

Strategic Intelligence

AAHID partnership allows you to align with the only interior design community that truly understands healthcare business trends and operations.  CHIDs deeply understand the drivers for decision-making, as well as the issues healthcare organizations face and how to address them effectively.  CHIDs improve the environments where care is delivered.


As leaders in healthcare interior design, AAHID’s board and committee members have a diverse and deep understanding of the industry. Our interaction with healthcare manufacturers brings proper alignment of products with the needs of the marketplace.  A partnership with AAHID supports education, advocacy, and networking with key healthcare professionals.


Partners are recognized and promoted on the AAHID website, AAHID Annual Report, advertisements placed in healthcare publications and at our Annual Meeting and Reception during Healthcare Design. IPs have the opportunity to reach and network with CHIDs by supporting Candidate Forums and Roundtables, attending the Annual Meeting and Reception and through email.


AAHID acts as a bridge between healthcare administrators, designers, affiliated associations, and the healthcare industry.  AAHID has been successful in partnering with like-minded organizations in order to advance ideas, values, and products to a greater audience through networking, presentations, publications, and research.

Join Us

We invite you to join AAHID, our partners are as distinguished as our designers. Join us in the movement to transform healthcare and support a unique, important, highly visible organization in the healthcare and interior design communities.

For more information, please contact Adrianne Stokes, Manager, Professional Relations & Development.

Spec Furniture
Spec Furniture has been an enthusiastic AAHID supporter since the inception of the Academy.
AAHID offers today’s healthcare facilities the opportunity to work in conjunction with a Certified Healthcare Interior Designer (CHID) and a manufacturer of products designed for healthcare use first.AAHID ensures that CHID accredited designers are kept up to date with the requirements of progressive healthcare providers through ongoing education. AAHID also brings designers together with suppliers to provide insight and direction, creating more relevant and timely products.

Passion, with advanced knowledge and experience always creates a better result. When a healthcare provider works closely with a CHID accredited designer the resulting environment will be superior. The ability of AAHID Members to collaborate with each other and industry partners brings healthcare providers exactly what they need; increased confidence, and better results.