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Jane Rohde champions a widespread global cultural shift toward de-institutionalized senior living facilities through her consulting, research and advocacy, which provides services to non-profit and for-profit developers, government agencies, and senior living and care providers. She also provides education to providers, regulators, and peers on senior living trends, programming and design that support and improve the lives of elders.

Jane’s consulting practice includes the promotion of person-centered environments, sustainability, and universal design solutions. She sits on the Environmental Standards Council, part of The Center for Health Design, the GSA Sustainability Advisory Committee, ASHRAE 189.1 WG09, ASHRAE 189.3, GBI ANSI 01-2010: 2015 Revision Committee, GBI Technical Committee, LEED Supply Chain Task Force, FGI Executive Steering Committee and the Health Guidelines Revision Committee.

Her leadership has garnered the creation of the Facility Guidelines Institute’s Guidelines for Design and Construction of Residential Health, Care, and Support Facilities, a guideline utilized as code for the licensing of long term care and related facility types.  This ground breaking document includes guidance on not only traditional models, but provides guidance for designers, regulators, and providers for creating sustainable, person-centered environments.

Jane founded and chairs the Senior Living Sustainability Guide® committee, a committed group of volunteers that created a sustainability guide for senior living projects and has been accessed for utilization in over 10 countries, including China Senior Care’s Cypress Gardens, the first residential aged-care facility in China that focuses on skilled nursing and adult day care. The SLSG® is available for free download at

In April, 2015, Jane has received the first Changemaker Award for Environments for Aging from The Center for Health Design.  She speaks internationally on senior living, aging, healthcare, evidence based design and sustainability.


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