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A Registered Interior Designer with over 25-years of experience in client-driven, user-focused interior design services, I have attained successful project solutions in healthcare, government, education, office, hospitality, industrial, religious, residential, restaurant and retail.

My passion, what I love about Interior Design, is the capacity of the built environment to shape behavior. Through design we positively influence the human condition. The role of the interior designer, is to ensure that the functional configuration of spaces in relation to each other, as well as within themselves, diminish obstacles to offer the best possible outcomes towards successful, usable spaces. Not least among these obstacles is to ensure that designed spaces promote the health, safety and wellbeing of inhabitants.

In health design where my practice is focused, this means that space provides relief to the requirements of caregiver routines, that appropriately shaped perceptions of the environment act to alleviate concerns of visitors as to the wellbeing of loved ones, and that design offers comfort and enhances patient recovery. With diverse users interested in health design (administrators, doctors, nurses, social workers, families and patients), much technology to incorporate (surgery, imaging, infection control and records), and varied spatial types (patient care, retail, food service, office, education and hospitality), work can be daunting; but I like the complexity of seeking simplicity for solutions that respect the needs of all these diverse arenas.

I have been employed by Boulder Associates-Dallas (current), Texas; FKP-Dallas, Texas; PSC–Lubbock, Texas; Shetsko Design Center–Smithville, Texas; Victoria Casasco Studio-Los Angeles, California; Good, Haas & Fulton Architects-Dallas, Texas; and engaged as an intern with Groupe Maison Familiale-Cambrai, France. A native of Northeast Mississippi, I am 30-years in with Leslie Case, a sculptor/painter and native Texan (after the honeymoon they tell you that you have to move here), together we have created three masterworks: Jess, Sophia and Rachel.


Acute Care

Ambulatory Care

Outpatient Care

Medical/Dental Office

Sustainable Design


Professional Activities

I am active in the professional design community.

For the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Texas Oklahoma Chapter President (2010-11) and as the
Vice President of City Centers – Large (2017-19); for the
Texas Association for Interior Design (TAID)
Vice President of Public Relations (2014-2018); for the West Texas Branch of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Programs Chair; for two Texas Tech University orgs: Interdisciplinary Design Education Alliance (IDEATech) for collaborative education of Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture  as a professional affiliate, and the Interior Advisory Council College of Human Sciences. In 2011, I was humbled by recognition for professional accomplishments, leadership, service, and advocacy by the College of Human Sciences as a  Texas Tech University Distinguished Alumnus.

Speaking Engagements

  • 2017 and 2018 | Best of City Center Design Excellence Awards Presentation | IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter Inspire Gala
  • 2015 | “Interior Design is Marketing” | Executive MBA Healthcare Marketing | Baylor University Hankamer School of Business
  • 2014 | Professional Designer Panel Discussion | American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) | Texas Chapter Student Symposium – Dallas
  • 2014 | Roundtable Discussion Advisor | IIDA Career Bootcamp – METROCON14 | Student Program Workshop
  • 2013 | ‘What to Expect after Graduation” | Texas Christian University | Professional Practice Class
  • 2012 | “The Super Happy Fun Hour: Innovation in Architectural Products” | AIA Approved LU-HSW | PSCUniversity with Kreg Robertson, AIA
  • 2011 | “Budget Planning for Large Chapters” IDCEC Approved CEU-8 | IIDA Leadership Winter Conference
  • 2011 | “Professional Ethics” | TTU Interior Design Professional Practice Class
  • 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 | Sustainable Lecture and Tour of PSC LEED Silver Facility | TTU Interior Design Materials Class
  • 2010 | “Interior Design Profession Explored” | IIDA TXOK Chapter Student Conference – Houston
  • 2009 | “Wayfinding: Where am I and How did I Get There from Here” | AIA Approved LU-HSW | PSCUniversity
  • 2009 | “Green Building Strategies”  1st Annual Spring into Green Conference |  Lubbock Chamber of Commerce and USGBC West Texas Branch
  • 2009 | “It Makes Cent$” | TTU – College of Architecture Distance Education | LEED Green Associate – Lubbock, Houston and El Paso
  • 2009 | Green Campus Symposium: A More Environmentally Friendly Campus | TTU College of Architecture and President’s Task Force on Sustainability
  • 2008 | “What to Expect during YOUR Internship” | TTU Interior Design Pre-Internship Class
  • 2007 | “PSC Green: A Review of LEED Strategies for the PSC Office” | AIA Approved LU-SD | PSCUniversity with Natalie Harville, PE, LEED AP
  • 2006 | Lecture and Tour of PSC LEED Project “LEED in Action” | TTU Architecture
  • 2005 | “Interior Design Careers” | TTU Human Science Senior Seminar 
  • 2002 | Keynote Address “Choices: Exploring Career Options” and Panelist | TTU  Design Day – Human Science Week