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As Senior Interior Designer at Ryan Companies, Megan is intimately involved in programming and planning efforts and leads the conceptual interior design process for acute and ambulatory care, senior care and wellness clients both regionally and nationally. Throughout the design process, Megan takes a creative and thorough approach as she works in
collaboration with stakeholders and the design team. She is committed to designing spaces that promote connectivity, healing, safety and vitality for all users. Most importantly, her passion lies in creating thoughtful built environments that tie exterior to interior, existing to new, and reflect the unique culture and brand of each client.

Megan holds the Evidence-Based Design Accredited Professional (EDAC) credential from the Center for Health Design and is a Certified Interior Designer (CID) with the State of Minnesota. She serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at Dunwoody College of Technology, and a regular mentor and critic with the University of Minnesota Interior Design program.


Acute Care

Ambulatory Care

Women & Children Health Facility

Medical Offices

Residential Care/Senior Living

Senior Living/Long Term Care