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My work in healthcare energizes my passion and inspires my designs.  I have been fortunate to work with health care systems that provide services to the core of America, Rural Hospitals, Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense health care systems.  I’m passionate about creating healing environments from an Evidence Based Design perspective. Designing for functionality is important however, the focus on the patient experience is key when creating spaces that truly impact healing.

Although, recent world events have certainly created new challenges for our profession, I like to address these challenges by looking at a bigger picture and seeing the opportunity I have for making a larger impact through thoughtful design. I realize that health care design will always be challenging, as it is continually changing but, because I’m able to make a difference, I love what I do!



Acute Care

Ambulatory Care

Cancer Treatment Centers

Education/Nursing & Medical Schools

Medical Offices

Medical/Dental Office

Outpatient Care

Residential Care/Senior Living


Senior Living/Long Term Care

Sustainable Design

Wellness/Fitness Center

Women & Children Health Facility