Healthcare Surfaces Institute CE Webinar Series Launch
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  • July 30, 2020

Healthcare Surfaces Institute CE webinar series launch

Can This Room Be Turned Over in 20 Minutes?

Can This Room Be Turned Over in 20 Minutes?

It Can’t. And We’ll Tell You Why.

Join the Healthcare Surfaces Institute (HSI) for a compelling and insightful continuing education* webinar, “Surfaces Matter: A Review of the Complex Issues and Challenges of An Overlooked Issue,” as HSI founder and executive director Linda Lybert provides a high-level overview of the challenges environmental surfaces present in the healthcare setting.

This on-demand webinar, available now, kicks off a series of nine events, including a one-hour, live, virtual town hall meeting to answer questions related to the webinar and discuss the challenges. The series will be punctuated regularly with Innovation in Surface Science webinars, in which experts will explore trends in the latest science around surface disinfection.

Gain a new understanding of the confusion and challenges associated with cleaning and disinfection, room turnover, human behavior, identification of high-touch surfaces and why surfaces present significant risk to patients, healthcare workers and the public. Surfaces can support or inhibit infection prevention protocol and processes and are active in the acquisition and transmission of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Learn from the Expert in Healthcare Environmental Surfaces

The presenter is Linda Lybert, founder and executive director of the Healthcare Surfaces Institute, who has spent the last 20 years as a crusader for change around the crucial issue of surfaces and effective infection prevention, as well as reducing risk to patients, healthcare workers and the public.

Linda Lybert

This on-demand webinar is available now and offers one contact hour of nursing continuing education!*

* CE provided through Keystone Media Inc./Healthcare Hygiene magazine, an approved provider (CEP 17500) by the California Board of Registered Nurses for up to nine contact hours of nursing continuing education in this webinar series.


The July 2020 webinar in the series is presented by the Healthcare Surfaces Institute and underwritten by DuPont Tedlar.

Healthcare Surfaces Institute

Dupont Tedlar

Explore the Full Webinar Series

Subsequent webinars in the series presented by HSI will explore topics such as the state of the science relating to surfaces/compatibility issues; microbial rebound and implications for surface cleaning and disinfection/surface compatibility; cleaning and disinfection best practices for accountability among healthcare stakeholders; the impact of testing and validation on real-life situations in healthcare; and the sweet spot of where the hierarchy of controls intersects with the Seven Aspects of Surface Selection©.


Dupont Tedlar

About the Healthcare Surfaces Institute
The Healthcare Surfaces Institute is a cutting-edge collaboration of thought leaders who work together to evaluate and understand all aspects of the role surfaces play in transmitting pathogens that cause infection in healthcare settings.

The mission of the Healthcare Surfaces Institute is to reduce preventable infections through collaboration of industry, academia, science, regulatory, and service sectors by interrupting the transmission of surface-related pathogens in healthcare in support of community and public health.

The on-demand webinar series leverages the information presented from experts at the annual meeting and educational conference held in early March 2020 at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston and provides a comprehensive overview of how surfaces impact patient outcomes in the healthcare environment.

Can This Room Be Turned Over in 20 Minutes?

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This special communication was produced by Keystone Media Inc./Healthcare Hygiene magazine, in collaboration with the Healthcare Surfaces Institute. Copyright 2020

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