How to Specify Cleanable Surfaces for Healthcare
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  • June 02, 2021

How to Specify Cleanable Surfaces for Healthcare
Published 5/3/21

For too many years the design profession has been confronted with seemingly insurmountable challenges—an increase in superbugs resistant to cleaning products, deselection lists, environmentally friendly products provided by healthcare surface material manufacturers without a thorough understanding of the complexities of cleaning in the healthcare environment, and now we have to consider the enhanced cleaning required to address novel coronaviruses, all of which have resulted in many products disintegrating at warp speed.

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About the authors:
Teri Lura Bennett is the AAHID President-Elect.
Barbara Dellinger is the director of Design & Research for Adventist HealthCare and serves on the AAHID Board of Directors.
Shari Solomon is an industrial hygienist and president of CleanHealth Environmental, LLC.