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Since we spend the majority of our day, every day, sitting in a chair, our sole focus is to design solutions that make being in the seated position more ergonomic and more productive. Since 1982, we’ve developed a reputation for quickly adjusting to the changing needs of customers in the office, educational and healthcare sectors.

Inspired by our founder, Gary Neil, the Allseating team has become known for our ability to bend over backwards for our customers. From our on-time guarantee, to our on-line specification tools, we’re always putting your needs first. So our clients are able to sit back and rest assured that, no matter what, the people at Allseating always have their back.

Our manufacturing system conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard, and our guarantee? It’s the best in the industry.

Service excellence

From patient-centric solutions to online specification to personalized customer service support, we’re in the business of putting people first. 

Flexible solutions 

With over 200 products and an array of fabrics and finishes, we offer endless opportunities to customize the ideal solution for your space. 

Affordable innovation 

Our decades of experience in seating design means we know how to engineer the functionally unique chairs you need and offer them at a price that you’d never expect. 

Fit and finish 

From seamless finish integration to refined stitching patterns, we appreciate that good design is all in the details.

Ergonomic expertise 

Because you weren’t designed to sit all day, we design seating that helps you sit fit. Our seating solutions have revolutionized back support and we extend this expertise to our healthcare solutions, too. 

Cost of ownership 

Our chairs are designed to stand-up to rigorous use – task-after-task and year-over-year. Case in point: our removable back covers can be interchanged in-field with no down-time. 

Infection prevention 

From 360-degree clean-out spaces to metal frames to removable covers, our solutions are designed with busy maintenance teams in mind. 

All-inclusive warranty 

Our solutions are built to last. And with our 12-year warranty, including parts and labor, you can always be confident that Allseating has your back. 

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