MedViron’s overarching goal is to design and manufacture aesthetically pleasing, high quality extraordinarily cleanable healthcare equipment. Products designed to assist in expeditious and thorough cleaning aid in the all-important quest to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections. Innovative design along with quality materials and workmanship make for products that incorporate ease of use for patient and caregiver satisfaction. Product robustness coupled with longevity drastically reduces maintenance issues and the cost of ownership for healthcare facilities.

Absolute cleanability along with the less is more concept has been a design imperative since the inception of MedViron. All surfaces of MedViron products are easily accessible and easily cleaned. Studies have shown that after a terminal clean of a patient room, only 47% of the surfaces are actually cleaned. Through better product design we hope to help improve that percentage.

MedViron is committed to creating products that offer measurable results in how people work and organizations perform. MedViron products are designed and manufactured to assist healthcare facilities in their mission to improve both patient and caregiver satisfaction statistics. MedViron’s designs bring a modern hospitality warmth to patients while also conveying competent, current and modern healthcare. Ease of use and ergonomics are critical to staff satisfaction. MedViron products are designed to assist the caregiver with effortless height adjustment and smooth mobility.

MedViron has collaborated with healthcare facilities and designers in the development of products that meet their unique circumstances. Below are some recent examples:

MedViron offers a limited lifetime warranty on all its products. MedViron products are all manufactured in Zeeland, Michigan USA in our ISO 13485 registered facility. The MedViron team is driven by the high standards of our ISO 13485 quality system and its requirements for continuous improvement. Following this strict quality system allows us to design, develop, and manufacture FDA registered medical devices such as maternity bassinets.

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