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Skyline Art

Skyline Art is an EDAC advocate firm with over 30 years of experience in the field of healthcare art consulting and interior design. Our portfolio of clients ranges from small corporate establishments to large healthcare systems. We provide turn-key services including selection, procurement, commissioning, framing, and installation of artwork that complements the design and aesthetics of each property.

Skyline Art believes strongly that:

  • Integrating art in the healing environment has a proven therapeutic benefit for patients, family, and staff.
  • Our client’s vision, mission, and goals for the long and short term will drive our process.
  • We must understand the community that our clients serve and employ.
  • No two clients or facilities are alike – every project is unique, and the art solution must be as well.
  • Integrating art into the built and exterior environment is critical to creating a unified art program.
  • Sharing the current status of evidence-based design (EBD) research as well as our critical assessment of this emerging field with our clients plays a vital role in incorporating these methodologies into a healing environment.
  • We are part of each client’s team for the long haul – a partner they can trust to enhance the patient experience through art.

Our Skyline Signature Experience™ discovery process allows us to tailor your art program to your specific needs. By using a variety of artistic concepts and media in public, patient, and support spaces, we help you develop a visual strategy to: express your unique identity through an engaging experience, create a background conversation about your vision and values, and contribute to overall workplace excellence and connectedness. In the Skyline Signature Experience™, we identify your values and help articulate the message you want to communicate about your mission and culture. We focus on demonstrating your quality of services through a distinct visual identity in the marketplace. Our clients refuse to accept mediocre design and come to Skyline Art to create a visual strategy that sets them apart from competitors.

Visit www.skylineart.com for more information about Skyline Art’s services and capabilities.
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