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Spec Furniture

Spec Furniture® is a fully integrated manufacturer concentrating on four key segments of the contract market—Healthcare, Education, Corporate and Government.  Established in 1991 out of a desire to bring a unique customer-oriented approach to the contract marketplace, we design durable, elegant furniture that excels at meeting all core requirements. Combined with a huge array of options, choices, price points, and scales, our customers can specify the best possible solution.

We are recognized as a market leader in the quality, design, and engineering of contract furniture products, focusing on a wide range of markets and designs. Thousands of Spec product installations are in use throughout North America, supported by an industry-leading warranty and a dedication to outstanding customer service.

Social Responsibility

We are passionate about our community and how Spec operations and our employees contribute to its betterment. Read up about some of the initiatives here.


We are committed to providing the marketplace with the highest quality seating and tables. We practice rigorous quality control at every stage of production, from design to assembly and shipment, and have implemented a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001.

We aim to “do it right the first time,” with a focus on developing a culture of continual improvement. This culture is fostered by maintaining a positive and productive work environment that promotes employee engagement and satisfaction.

The performance of our quality system is continually reviewed through monitoring and measurement of company performance indicators and regular management reviews.


We are committed to continually reducing our impact on the environment. To do so, we have implemented an ISO 14001–compliant environmental management system. Our ongoing environmental efforts are focused on:

  • Minimizing waste and using recycled, renewable, and biodegradable materials
  • Using water, energy, and transportation efficiently
  • Minimizing the use of solvents and other harmful materials in our processes
  • Protecting the environment in and around our facilities and within our community
  • Encouraging our customers and suppliers to operate in environmentally sensitive ways
  • Establishing and monitoring annual environmental goals

We have created a Design for the Environment (DFE) process that uses the latest sustainability guidelines. We implement it at the project initiation stage of new product development. It addresses the following key areas:

  • Materials
  • End-of-life management
  • Energy and water management
  • Air quality
  • Lifecycle assessment
  • Ensuring a long useful life, with the ability to withstand repeated service, repair, maintenance, and reassembly
  • Easy refurbishing, replacement, and reuse of components
  • Do you have questions or concerns about our corporate information? Read more on our Environment page or email us directly for more information.

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