Press Release – Kimball International Announces Second Season of the Alternative Design Podcast

Kimball International Announces Second Season of the Alternative Design Podcast

JASPER, IN., February 7, 2022 — Kimball International announced the second season of its Alternative Design podcast this week on Monday, February 7. Continuing with the mission that season one established, the Alternative Design podcast is dedicated to empowering creatives and designers to improve the human experience through the spaces they design. New episodes will be released monthly featuring deep conversations that explore unapologetic, design-forward, and boundary-breaking design examples and approaches.

Each episode is created to engage designers, architects, creatives, and design enthusiasts. With deep industry knowledge and expertise, Kimball International employees and guests offer unique guidance, inspiration, innovation, and motivation to listeners. 

Released today, Episode 9 entitled “Actions That Open the Heart” explores The Burning Man Project, an architectural experiment in the remote Nevada Desert. The episode analyzes what Burning Man has to offer the design community concerning innovation, radical participation, and risk taking. Burning Man’s Associate Director of Community Events, Steven Raspa, and City Planning and Placement Manager, Bryant Tan, give unique viewpoints on how the event tests the limits of participants and embraces a spirit of giving. Every summer, Burning Man is hosted in a temporary city, called Black Rock City, that draws thousands of people to celebrate the ceremonial burning of a human effigy known as “the Man”. Many designers and urban planners see Black Rock City as a potential blueprint for local communities as it boasts an iterative design process that could address some of the greatest challenges of our time. 

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